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LYT 4G MAGIC MUSHROOMS CHOCOLATE ( Mind Maize) Get ready for your trip with LYT Mushroom Chocolate! Made with the highest quality Magic Mushroom and Fire Intense chocolate.

Containing 4 grams of mushrooms, this LYT stick is great to take with you on the trip of a lifetime, or share the experience with a friend!

LYT chocolates are specially crafted by chefs and mycologists so each piece is delicious and delivers the perfect pleasure every time. It makes eating mushrooms easy and fun

With smaller doses (microdose = 0.15g – 0.5g), you will feel better mood and clearer mind. You won’t “trip” at this dose. Numerous studies have shown that microdosing can help treat PTSD, depression, and addiction. LOVE YOUR TRIP CHOCOLATE (a box 10 bars)

At higher doses (1.0g+), you can look forward to a heightened connection to your surroundings and a strong sense of energy from “another dimension”. Buy Camino Gummies Near Me


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