Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG

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Mint Dark Chocolate Bar (3000mg) by Shroom up. are hand-curated artisanal psilocybin-infused chocolate that will enhance your taste buds & quality of life.

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Buy Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG Online | Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG For Sale


Firstly, Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG. Vehicle Chocolates’ non-psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon. The chocolate is sourced from Tcho, a West Coast company that strives to treat their growers fairly, source ethically, and reduce their environmental impact.

Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG for Sale

Furthermore, Vehicle’s proprietary blend of mushrooms was inspired to help one feel the healthful benefits of mushrooms in a tasty and satisfying way. It is from 100% fruiting bodies. It contains important compounds including beta-glucans, triterpenoids including ergosterols, nucleosides and various secondary metabolites. The blend consist of organic Red Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms

Finally, Vehicle Chocolates sources its mushroom extract powders from organic, gluten-free sources that promote fair trade and sustainable business. The bars are approachable to all and have 375mg of functional mushrooms packed in every serving, 1500mg per bar.  Buy Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG Near Me


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14 reviews for Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000MG

  1. Jamie Fitzsimons

    Mint chocolate is one of my faves. This bars meets the requirements-very dark chocolate and a nice strong mint that isn’t cloyingly sweet but sweet enough to take care of the cravings.

  2. Connie Cristal

    It’s delicious. I’ll eat it quickly and come back to buy it again.

  3. John Wayne

    Excellent, Mint Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bar. I have purchased it more than once. The taste is wonderful, better than the market and cheaper. The price is suitable and beneficial for health in moderation.

  4. Diesel Armitt

    I’m not a mint chocolate person but I don’t hate it either. this one was pretty good.

  5. Jayden Black

    Really nice, quality product. So happy with my order

  6. Charlie Hercock

    Super tasty, the best after dinner snack or treat, highly recommend

  7. Bradley

    A very tasteful chocolate (if you enjoy dark chocolate). Delicious Dark chocolate 😋

  8. Ezra Lawrence

    I usually eat dark chocolate (80-90%), but this was the first time to try a flavoured really dark chocolate. It was lovely. The subtle bitterness and the refreshing flavor of mint mixed really well together. Highly recommended. Good quality chocolate.

  9. Trae Wilson

    High quality! So good. I highly recommend it for dark chocolate lovers. Very balanced

  10. Dylan Sykes

    This one is the perfect combination of mint and dark chocolate. i highly recommend this

  11. Archie Jack

    Good dark chocolate with a pleasant and somewhat mild mint crunch. I was hoping for a more minty flavor along the lines of a mint chocolate ice cream.

  12. Doe Jon55

    This is a great tasting chocolate bar for anyone who loves dark chocolate. Organic ingredients are a big plus also.

  13. Casper Kight

    I love mint very much. the flavor of mint and chocolate balanced very well.

  14. Martin Svendsen

    Very good quality Very good taste The size is good

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