The mushrooms have a hallucinogenic chemical, psilocybin, which has proven effective in treating depression and anxiety, among other conditions. The drug is effective in combination with talking therapy as it has antidepressant effects. Research conducted at John Hopkins University revealed that a single dose of the mushroom could cause a patient to change perception, which decreases depression and anxiety and improves cognitive function.

The improved state of mind lasts up to a year and sometimes longer. The change in perception comes about because the chemical in the mushroom works as a serotonin receptor agonist, inducing feelings of happiness in a patient. The psilocybin-assisted therapy induces increased brain connectivity in patients by fostering better connections in different brain regions, thus reducing the excessive self-focus and rumination patterns in depressed patients.

Dosage Information

You can consume the magic mushrooms when fresh or when they are dry for preservation purposes. They can be taken by either grinding them into powder form, before adding them to food or by eating their stems and caps. It is important to note that the psychedelic effect of the mushroom increases with an increase in its dosage. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

For instance, a single dose of up to 1 gram can cause a patient to experience feelings of connection and euphoria. In contrast, a larger dose of around 4 grams can cause mystical experiences, psychedelic visuals, and distorted senses. It is, therefore, vital that you get the correct quantity of the mushroom for it to ease your depression, as incorrect doses might not be helpful.

The proper way of taking the magic mushrooms can be similar to the principle for dosing cannabis edibles: taking them slowly and in small portions. The most effective way of measuring the dosage of the mushrooms is through their weight in grams. It would then be best to acquire a digital scale to weigh your mushrooms effectively.


The estimated weight of the mushrooms is as follows:

  1. A microdose: between 0.1 and 0.5 grams
  2. A low dose: between 0.5 and 2 grams
  3. A moderate dose: 2 and 3.5 grams
  4. A high dose: 3.5 and 5+ grams

The chemical composition in mushrooms is different from one specie to another. Besides, the caps of the mushroom also have more chemicals as compared to the stems. Therefore, if you take the mushroom for the first time, you should take it in microdoses. The mushrooms affect patients differently, so you should tailor your dosage based on the experience you get from using the drug.

If you take high doses of the mushroom, you will have to brace up for a psychedelic experience that can last for up to seven hours, although the most intense experience wanes in the first two hours of taking the high mushroom doses. In such a scenario, you will experience some side effects, including panic attacks, vomiting, and nausea.

If you experience intense psychedelic trips, it would be best to have a sober person with a calm demeanour who will take care of you during that time. The person can assist you in remaining calm and controlling your breathing. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

Microdosing Magic Mushroom

Microdosing is regularly taking small portions of psychedelic drugs that do not impair brain functioning. A mushroom microdose can see a patient taking tiny proportions of the drug—for instance, a tenth of the standard dosage, every three days for up to two months. When taking the dose for the first time, you are encouraged to take the mushroom early in the morning to notice its effects during the day.

The side effects can range from increased appetite, fatigue, loss of sexual desire, blurred vision, dizziness, and insomnia. You should also avoid taking the dose at night as it might affect your sleep. These mushroom microdoses could be around the given range of 0.1 up to 0.5 grams. Taking the mushrooms in small doses is critical as the mushrooms tend to make the patients experience audio-visual synesthesia and different states of euphoria.

Patients who take the mushrooms in small doses do not experience an altered state of reality or mystical views. You will experience slight changes in perception. For instance, lights might become a little brighter. This should not be a cause for worrying as the changes are subtle and not as intense as the effects of taking massive doses of mushrooms. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

The consequences would last only about 30 minutes to one hour at most. Taking the mushrooms in small proportions to ease depression poses no severe side effects, but you should take care to avoid taking too much of the substance when you are taking it in small proportions.

Preparing Your Microdose: MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

Preparing your mushroom for taking it in small proportions can be tricky as it is difficult to estimate the amount of ps in any mushroom. There are several strains of mushrooms, and they all have different quantities of the ps, which also applies to dried and fresh mushrooms.

For effectively using the mushroom in small quantities, it would be best to dry out your mushrooms in different batches and then crush them into powder form. You can then start with the minimum dose of 0.1gram and adjust the size accordingly based on the experience of the drug. If you feel a change in your body, such as drowsiness, when you increase your dosage, you should revert to your previous dosage, as that is likely to be your threshold.

There are over 200 types of mushrooms available, but if you take the mushroom in small doses, you can go for either variety that is safe for you and has the right content of the drug you want from the mushroom. While preparing the mushroom, consider putting your required dose into an empty capsule so it can be evenly distributed and mask its taste. You might also decide to dissolve it in some water and add a little bit of honey.


It is important to remember that taking the mushrooms in small portions boosts your mood, so taking them in tiny bits is essential to avoid psychedelic effects. Anything more than 1 gram of the mushroom could see you experiencing psychedelic conditions.

A suitable dosage can be one where you take the small proportions for a period and then take a break, say for a week. This is to avoid tolerance to the drug and avoid dependency. This break is also essential for you to monitor the side effects of the mushroom. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

You are also encouraged to follow your daily routine while taking the mushroom dosage to integrate the doses into your routine. However, you can decide to take a day off when taking it for the first time so that you can note any side effects that the drug may have on you.

The side effects can also appear a few days after taking the doses, so you should be keen to notice them if any. It would then be best to keep a journal of your experiences while taking your mushroom to note the drug’s short-term and long-term effects. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

It would be best to avoid consuming mushrooms with another drug, especially alcohol. Mixing alcohol and mushrooms is like pulling your mind in different directions, as the two drugs work differently. You must also buy your mushrooms from a trusted supplier instead of picking them in the garden since other mushrooms might be poisonous but look the same way as ordinary ones.

The Benefits of using Mushrooms for Depression

Preliminary studies have shown that taking mushrooms in small proportion over time can go a long way in battling depression and anxiety. Some of the positive results are enumerated below: MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

First, the mushrooms are effective for dealing with treatment-resistant depression. The drug in mushrooms is capable of ‘resetting’ the brains of such patients as the treatment acts as electroconvulsive therapy. You cant arguably treat this kind of depression through medications or lifestyle changes.

Secondly, the mushrooms provide lasting results. Patients who take the mushroom experience relief in their depressed state for up to six weeks with just two doses of the drug. At the same time, research shows that one dose of the mushroom can alleviate depression and anxiety in cancer patients. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

Thirdly, it acts fast as compared to other forms of treatment. Patients taking mushroom doses for depression reveal improved results after just a week, while antidepressants can take almost weeks before patients can see positive results.

Finally, mushroom treatment assists patients in reconnecting with their emotions as it allows them to process their feelings. This method is different from antidepressants which leave patients with zero moods. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

Remember, mushrooms can be an excellent remedy for tackling depression. Research has shown mushrooms act faster than antidepressants and other therapy treatment methods.

However, it would be best if you got the correct mushroom dosage for depression to get your desired results. If you are considering mushroom treatment for depression, it is advisable first to take micro doses of the drug. You can then note how the drug reacts with your body and adjust the proportions accordingly. MUSHROOM DOSAGE FOR DEPRESSION. Buy Now

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