Spore Mycelium Expander Kit


(For convenient microscopy research – make L.C. ‘LIVE CULTURE’ easily , multi-purpose for mycelium slides, agar, storage or AIO, easy way to expand your stock & looks great under the microscope)

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The Easy way to germinate spores or expand already established mycelium, Liquid Inoculant/ Cultures can be refrigerated for long term storage however live cultures are sensitive to temps and can die if left too long or if too cold or hot. For most strains storage at 45*-55* degrees in best. Also we recommend you use all stored inoculant within 6 months, though within 4-8 weeks is best!

How to use

With a little strategy & extra syringes you can keep this mycelium expanding indefinitely! Kit includes:

  • (1) 12ml Syringe set with 10ml Liquid culture inside
  • (1) 2ml spore vial (empty unless add-on spores to make kit in add-on section, vial is re-usable)
  • (1) 16g needle tip
  • (1) cap
  • (1) iso pad
  • Brief printed Instructions

The 200ml half pint jar comes with plastic re-useable lid with syringe port and free air exchange filter that can be used over and over (Though it does not come with a syringe sets; you can add on syringe sets in the add-on section)

If you ordered a complete kit with a spore vial: To use the expansion kit simply take the syringe, you will notice it is a 12ml syringe filled with Liquid Inoculant to the 10ml level. this is to leave room for the spores. Buy Spore Mycelium Expander Kit Near Me

Spore Mycelium Expander Kit Available for sale

In a semi sterile environment and whilst using sterile technique put the needle tip onto the syringe and pierce the red rubber top on the spore vial, draw up the spore solution. wait 5-7 days till the mycelium expands. It should look like clouds floating in clear solution. If the solution got extremely cloudy it could be contaminated. Use to inoculate on agar or grains. Draw up more sterile water at any time to re-dilute. The mycelium may expand more! Buy Spore Mycelium Expander Kit Online

Spore Mycelium Expander Kit on sale

If you ordered a kit with an empty vial: To use the expansion kit first puncture the red rubber seal & fill the 2ml vial with a spore solution or live culture of your choosing, Then use the Liquid Inoculant syringe with needle tip to draw up the solution into the syringe, wait 5-7 days for germination or re-colonization. Sterile water can be added to the syringe at any time to refill. Spore Mycelium Expander Kit For Sale

If you ordered a 200ml half pint jar kit: If you ordered the half pint jar kit it does not come with any syringe sets or spores, if you need them please add them on during checkout. The jar does come with a re-usable lid with syringe port and FAE filter. Spore Mycelium Expander Kit Near Me



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